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2023: between challenges and goals

2023: between challenges and goals

The month of December, with the end of the year approaching, has always been the ideal time to look back and truly reflect on the challenges faced, milestones achieved, and goals reached. Unfortunately, on a global level, 2023 concludes with the recent Israel-Palestine conflict turning into a true humanitarian catastrophe, far from the atmosphere of serenity and love that characterizes the Christmas period. My wish for 2024 is that this conflict, without forgetting the war in Ukraine, can be resolved definitively as quickly and peacefully as possible.

The collision between the West, led by the United States, and BRICS countries such as China has also brought great instability on the economic front. An example is the issue of electric mobility, with significant influence from Chinese automotive brands. A timely resolution of these conflict situations would be crucial for the recovery of certain markets, to restore confidence to consumers, and consequently, boost demand.

How are we facing all of this at Mauri?

By continually improving: we face market evolution by adapting to new needs, continuously work to improve our processes and products, and differentiate ourselves in the best possible way in the intense international competition.

This has been made possible thanks to significant investments made in 2022 in production technology. This year, in addition to some minor investments, we focused on implementing MES and completing the transition to the new ERP. 2023 also marked a significant milestone for F.lli Mauri: reaching 70 years of activity.

Despite the unforeseen challenges we had to face, we demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and the ability to respond promptly to changes. This team spirit is our strength and has allowed us to face every obstacle with determination. Looking to the future, we will continue to focus on innovation, operational excellence, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our goal always remains to grow together, keeping our promise of quality and service to our customers.

Finally, I want to wish all our customers, collaborators, and suppliers a peaceful holiday season, with the hope for a better 2024.